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ST HUBERTS The Stag Pinot Noir (case of 6)

$143.94 $108.00
ST HUBERTS The Stag Pinot Noir (case of 6)
Parkers Cellar

ST HUBERTS The Stag Pinot Noir (case of 6)


Founded by Hubert de Castella in 1862, the history of St Huberts is an epic tale. From the high of winning a Grand Prix at the Paris Exhibition of 1889 to the low of reverting back to grazing and dairy during the 1920's depression, no wonder it's affectionately referred to as the Yarra Valley's living tradition.
'The Stag' is the fun sibling of it's more serious St Hubert Counterpart. Hard to find, this wine proves to knock people off their feet with an abundance of cherry on the nose. It's quickly becoming a cult classic, on par with 'Pulp Fiction' or 'On the road', and those in the know, will tell you of its greatness and those that don't know... will pretend they do and tell you the same thing.
A cherry bomb explosion that will cause scarlet, mushroom-clouds of euphoria to form in your mind. Delectable Yarra Pinot red-berry fruits ride a crimson Harley Davidson straight out of the glass with some stalk and game notes riding in the sidecar.
Flavours and Palate
Much to our joy, what the wine promises on the nose, it absolutely delivers in the mouth. Light bodied, approachable and representing the definition of cherry, this wine is a sure fire knock-out; it impresses the impressive. If you've ever wondered "Which wine should I buy?" the answer is right here.

$143.94 $108.00
Tax included.
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